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It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for

–  Robert Kiyosaki ( Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad ) On why people benefit from professional financial advice.

Covid-19 Update

During the current Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to re-assure clients that their needs are still being catered for. All our advisers have the ability to deal with the existing and new clients through various video conferencing facilities as well as the telephone. We look forward to recommencing the usual personal service when the situation allows.

Let’s be honest… money and finances can be daunting.

If you have visited a financial adviser before you may have felt like you were being sold to, or the adviser was focussed more on your money rather than you!

Alternatively you may have felt “bamboozled” as they tried to evidence their knowledge by explaining technical aspects of the products, in great detail, or at a level that you may not have understood.

Our promise to you – we won’t do any of this.

We don’t work for a large corporation, targeted with selling products and answerable to shareholders.

We work for you.

Unlike some financial advisers, our focus is not on money – rather what money can do for you!

Everyone is different. Your priority might be to retire early; travel the world; have financial security; or you may be focused on your loved ones. Whatever your goals are, money is just a means to achieve this – it shouldn’t be the sole focus but unfortunately this is all that some advisers are concerned about.

Therefore our focus is always on you. Helping you to identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle you desire.

We do this by explaining what options are available to you and helping you make an informed choice about what action you can take.

We would love the opportunity to have an initial conversation with you to understand your priorities and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Life’s not a rehearsal so please get in touch now to start planning your future!

Financial Planning Kettering

As Independent Financial Advisers we are able to help most people. However, we find we add most value to the following groups of people:

Business Owners
Business Owners

Running a business is hard.  We are business owners too.  We know the challenge of building and growing a business.

High Earners
High Earners

If you have a significant income, whether you are a high-earning senior executive or a professional sports person, you face unique challenges.

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Near Retirement

Retirement means something different to each of us, Whatever aspirations are on your bucket list, we can help you prepare for them.

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