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Are Your Clients Looking For Financial Advice? | O'Sullivan Financial Planning

We are a business genuinely built on trust and transparency. We pride ourselves on having our clients’ best interests at heart and are not affiliated to any other financial companies or products.

We provide bespoke, tailored advice to our clients that enables to have the life they have always wanted.

We regularly work with other professionals, such as accountants and solicitors, to ensure that our – and their – clients get a fully rounded and cohesive financial plan for their future.

If you could like to see how we could work together to benefit your clients, get in touch.

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Case Study | O'Sullivan Financial Planning

Case Study – Jenny

Due to Jenny’s high salary, the family have lived a very good lifestyle with a lot of trips and activities for their young family.

However, she was concerned that the money was being spent, and although it provided lots of memories, she wanted to put some of it away to have a concerted plan for future as they currently had no real savings to show for it – spent what they earned.

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I have known Conor for a couple years and without hesitation recommend him. Conor is always there to support, share ideas and build sustainable business relationships. He always remains on hand to answer any questions and provide first class advice. Thank you Conor for your support and looking forward to many more years of working together.

Are Your Clients Looking For Financial Advice? | Testimonial | O'Sullivan Financial Planning