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Aaron* is 53 and a Business Owner

Sally* is 53 and a Business Owner

Primary Goal

Aaron had a health scare and wanted to bring retirement forward.

Clients Background

Aaron had been running his own business with Sally for 25 years. However, a health scare made him re-evaluate his life and he now wanted to transition away from being a workaholic.

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How Did We Help

They had a number of old pensions, but no real cohesive strategy to pull it all together. They were lacking certainty on what they needed to do, what amount of money they needed and what age they could retire at.

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Support Outcome

We created a financial plan providing clarity on what actions were needed. We consolidated old pensions and investments, reduced the charges of these schemes and diversified the investment to manage the risk better. Contributions were also increased from the business to extract profits tax efficiently into the pension.

This certainty provided Aaron with the confidence to look at an exit strategy about 18 months later. Together we calculated what figure he needed to obtain from a sale to ensure he never had to worry about money in the future.

This allowed him to be in a position of confidence when negotiating the sale of his business, and was able to gain a higher value which was a bonus to the financial plan.

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*name changed to respect confidentiality

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