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Paul* is 58 and a Senior Manager

Cathy* is 58 and is Retired

Primary Goal

Paul and Cathy had been DIY investors for a number of years but wanted help as they began transitioning into retirement, as they did not want to risk making any mistakes when it came to the financial side of things.

Clients Background

Paul has been on a good income which has allowed him to make early repayments of his mortgage, and achieve greater funding of pensions and investments. This allowed Cathy to retire early.

Now that Paul is approaching retirement and has a successful investment portfolio which he is self managing, he wanted to ensure that his transition from saving to spending seemed daunting, and they wanted to bring an expert in to help with the strategy around this.

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How Did We Help

Although Paul’s investment portfolio had done well, the costs for the funds chosen were high, and the overall risk profile was a higher level than he needed to take.

After creating a financial plan tailored to their situation, we were able to confirm that they would have enough money for the rest of their life, and therefore did not need to take as much risk with the portfolio.

We are consolidating all the investments to a cheaper, lower risk and more diverse portfolio to review and manage
with them.

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Support Outcome

We have allocated a large pot which allows them to spend 3-6 months in Australia and 3-6 months in New Zealand in the first 2 years of retirement.

Although the plan is to retire at 60, we were able to confirm he could afford to retire at 59 if he wished. Now that the pressure of needing to work has been removed, he is likely to work until 61 knowing that any additional income
is a bonus.

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*name changed to respect confidentiality

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